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«We Forge Cultural Futures: Setting the Stage, Exploring Visions, and Initiate Transformative Dialogues.»

We help future generations, policymakers, and institutions to address today's challenges of technological progression and social fragmentation by deepening the social bond between us.

«To meet the challenges of today and tomorrow, we nonetheless must position art and artists in collaborations across multiple sectors, from social responsibility to economic development to environmental transformation. That is what Cora has set out to do.»

Dr. András Szántó
Cultural Advisor

"For a long time, entrepreneurship was considered disreputable in European high culture circles. And probably still is. The entrepreneur is supposedly out for money, culture stands for content. The Institute proposes an attempt to rethink this relationship."

Michael Schindhelm
Cultural Pioneer

"Culture plays a pivotal role in the creation, sustenance, and enhancement of value across all domains of society. By linking social, cultural, and economic structures in their disruptive approach, Cora facilitates the sustainability of today's values to ensure relevance for the generation of tomorrow."

Anil Sethi
ETH Entrepreneur in Residence